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Dec 20, 2010 0

Ben Blacker twitter: @BenBlacker and Ben Acker twitter: @BNACKER, creators of The Thrilling Adventure Hour are on the show this week and, they are serious media dorks. They have lists and lists of movies and books and comic books and music in their heads. We could have kept going for another hour. And again, I’m a dork FOR the guests… so much so that we talked about LAST episode, so I’m still dorking out to Marcia Wallace.


Regarding audio: I didn't check the levels right - and Pat Brady (not Grady - there's a fascinating tale of ..zzzzz) did amazin work - so hopefully all things can be heard. 


Here is the longest list of notes/links to the many things we touched on:


Marc Maron WTF Podcast – I’m actually ON a current episode.



Ultimate Spider Man – Bendis arc…

Ultimate Marvel Universe – (I mentioned they loved Ultimates and Andy handed me 40 comics to read)

Top Ten


Irredeemable – Mark Waid


Ben Blacker’s Top Three Movie Comedies


Some Like It Hot (not on Ben Acker’s List)

His Girl Friday


Favorite Christmas Movies


Die Hard


More Media from Ben Blacker

Decemberist's Valerie Plame


Ben Acker Top Three Movie Comedies


Real Life


Fave podcast besides Marc Maron’s - RadioLab

Fave Webcomics:

Questionable Content

American Elf


Kyle Baker Artist/Author Talk:

Why I Hate Saturn

You Are Here

Plastic Man

Special Forces

Truth – did the art, but great



Charlie Huston

Richard Stark

Robert Parker - Western
Robert Parker - Wilderness


I can’t find the Model Airplane Dork Forest EP from the blogtalk archives… dang… can’t find it. If YOU find it – email me:


And in the last five minutes we start a NEW topic that needs to last a half hour – I will have them back! They are great!


If you can’t find something to read, watch or stare at after this list (which is not complete), I’m exhausted and can’t help you. You are loved and thanks for listening… Happy New Year!


Audio leveling by Patrick Brady!
Music by Mike Ruekberg

Dec 15, 2010 3

Yeah - that Marcia Wallace - from Bob Newhart and Edna Krabappel on The Simpsons and the wacky maid on That's My Bush!  - so cool. So I dork out on her a bit until we both get excited about Mr. Gary Shapiro - comic, storyteller, musician and all around hard-working good guy.


We discuss the nature of trying that edge of comedy and how it doesn't always work - so beware, bad words are said. Know that they were attempts at comedy and sometimes, to get to art, you go through obnoxious, not funny things. You'll get over it.


Wallis Simpson (the reason King Edward VIII abdicated the British throne in the 1930's) came up because we were going to discuss The King's Speech - which Marcia really liked but we didn't get into it.

Leon Russell (well, I looked him up and I know NOW - but this link is Wiki, I'll get a second source for my "paper") did "A Song For You" and he's incredible. I think I'll buy an album. See? I can be taught.

Deximil - "greenies" and the link is NO ONE I KNOW but an incredible dialog about taking this drug. Good grief.

Ghost Lake - Trailer. heh... found it.

Don't Look Back, We're Not Going That Way - autobiography by Marcia Wallace.

The Green Room with Paul Provenza - the show on Showtime that Gary is on and here is the book that his monthly show is based on: Satiristas: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians - follow him on twitter to get dates when he's doing sets. Because he's great. 

Vampire Mob - Marcia Wallace plays the mother-in-law in this Soprano/Vampire spoof web series. Watch it! 

Justin Bieber - Baby - the chorus is quite painful.


Have a great week folks - more dorkdom coming,


xo, Jackie


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My website just got redone by Vilmos at Branyik Consulting if you're looking for good work to be done for you.
And the websites are: and (that Donation button is there if you'd like to help out or you could buy some merch and get stuff and support the show. You are swell in ANY case).


Audio leveling by Patrick Brady!
Music by
Mike Ruekberg

DorkDorkDork by Mike Upchurch

Dec 10, 2010 3

A LOT of whispering. This week’s Dork Forest has a lot of whispering. Hopefully Patrick can make it not matter in the fix. Me, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Mike Siegel are also - ill prepared. Merry busiest season of the year. We do find out Mike is a travel dork, and we didn’t get into it ENOUGH for my tastes. He’ll be back. And Mary Lynn updated her racecar story from the last episode she was on, enjoys her dogs and some guilty pleasures in unathorized autobiography. And, there is plenty of me dorking out about many things. Enjoy.


Blackberry inventor - Mike Lazaridis

Russell Brand – My Booky Wook

Linda Barry - Cruddy

Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers: The Story of Success

Gloom, the card game

Janis Joplin interview – I’m sure there’s a better version – minute 6:50 to 7:50

Funny or Die video Mary Lynn did which may or may not be safe for work.



Audio leveling by Patrick Brady!
Music by Mike Ruekberg 

Dec 3, 2010 3

Episode 11


Paul Jay and Brian Bielawski talked a lot about games. Brian has a one-act play about World of Warcraft that you can see this weekend, and then we all recommend what board games are great gifts!


Obviously, shoppers, my website has gifts. For those who don’t have a Ranger of the Dork Forest t-shirt or either of my CD’s.

About LARPing from Aaron Vanek (friend of the show). More info than you ever thought you’d get.
Ishmael – Daniel Quinn

Brian's Tabletop RPG suggestion: Outbreak Undead
Graphic Novel suggestion: The Red Star
Board game suggestion: Dominion
Pauls’ board game suggestion: Creationary
Jackie's board game suggestions: Pandemic, Smallworld

Happy Merry and be good to each other out there.

Intro and Outro Music by Mike Ruekberg
Audio leveling by Patrick Brady

Nov 24, 2010 3

Episode 10


Steve Young and Aparna Nancherla talk about words and reading and writing. We find out that Steve’s true dorkdom is murder sites here in Los Angeles. I tell some more of the same stories and neither of us let Aparna talk enough. Gotta get her back on. We never get to hear about one of Steve’s favorite books The Mother Tongue.  But we learn, again, that I know less than nothing about music. It’s a good one. Tune the heck in!


Intro and Outro Music by Mike Ruekberg

Audio leveling by ...Patrick Brady

Nov 14, 2010 1

TDF Ep 9 – the band… Beatallica


Boy do I NOT know about Heavy Metal. These guys do, though. I had the band Beatallica ( in my living room. They are a Beatles/Metallica live mash up band. Live – they play all the music, the lead singer sounds JUST like the lead singer of Metallica and they have taken their dorkdom to success all over the country and in Europe. They just played LA.


They are really gifted musicians and… I used to babysit the lead singer’s little sister. So, I knew him when he was just a foot soldier in the Kiss Army. They are all from Milwaukee, as am I, and we digress on that for a while.


I try to keep up and, as usual, when the dorkdom is music, it’s best when I just leave them to it. I learned a lot. I hope you do too.


Check out their website, their live shows are amazing and I will check out their suggestions. These ones fascinated me: Drain STH, The Sword, Blind Gaurdian, Voivad. And we created a suggested starter short playlist: Körgull the Exterminator by Voivod, Reign in Blood by Slayer, The Prisoner by Iron Maiden, and Warp Riders by The Sword.

The iPhone App  has extra content if you have that app. Thanks so much for the new donations I received this week!

I’m at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington, Indiana this week. Come on down if you live near there. And on Bob and Tom on Thursday - check the tour page on my website for specifics.


Take care out there. Jackie - If you wanna see a sample of my comedy... this is fun.

Credits: as per usual… thanks to Mike Ruekberg , who did the intro and outro music and Patrick Brady, friend of comedy, who fixes the audio.


Oct 31, 2010 2

I talked with Adam Gertler and Stirling Gardner about food, self improvement and more food.

Adam is so specifically a food dork I forget he loves comics and graphic novels. Gotta get him back on to talk of those things. But he had a great, simple butternut squash soup recipe so I got distracted :) And I gave him a couple squash from the garden in return. Stirling took a big handful of Kale... he didn't tell me how he's going to prepare them. Adam has his current show on Food Network - Kid in a Candy Store and Will Work For Food is in rerunning rotation.

Stirling has had a wide and varied obsessive life and it took me most of the show to pinpoint that he loves him some self help body and mind work. We spoke of the spoon treatment to his back - Gua Sha - and he sent me a picture of his back but it looks pretty bad... why don't you just Google it. Adam and I were disturbed. YET... intrigued. That's what LA will do to you. And the Dork Forest... you end up intrigued about "body treatments."

Then it was CRAZY... Stirling worked on some Tony Robbins seminars and how you can use your powers for good or evil. I got creeped out and made Adam tell me about the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup factory.

The iPhone App finally has extra content. Me telling Andy about the show, essentially and me trying to explain the difference and sameness of the Beer Koozie, Beer Cozy, Cozies, Cozie and Coozy. Tell me how you like it if you have the app!

Thanks for tuning in! I'm in Minnesota this week and Indiana next week - check the tour page on my website for specifics. Take care out there. Jackie

Oct 20, 2010 6

Episode 7



Beth Schumann is one of the managers at Rooster T. Feathers – a comedy club I played at last week – and she likes Shakespeare… a lot. She studied for a masters in it and it all began with… Gillian’s Island!


Mark Lee featured (did the middle spot). MC (opening) spot was played by Mr. Red Scott (who has a really nice website. These kids!)


Mark loves him some rafting. I keep trying to insist it’s because of Huck Finn. It is not. Fun was had!! Listen up!


Note about minute 12: hi… I say, by name, the three “super-fans” (a word that I'm sure is not real) and I edited their full names out of the podcast with my shitty shitty editing skills. I thought they didn't need their full names revealed. I thanked them a lot of course.


For the record, three people donated over $100, four donated $20-25, and one donated $50. It paid for the equipment – but not the website. SO… if you wanna donate – I need about $200/yr for website. And. Sure. If you donate $100 I’ll send a Ranger T-shirt and both CDs as a “gift.” That you paid for, as well as paying for/towards the podcast. Hit the donate button and write me a note and I’ll ask you want you want - in any case, you are loved and thanks.

jkNotes in no particular order:

Matches were invented.

Michigan hand map.

Wisconsin hand map.

Fuzzy Wuzzy might have been based on Kipling – third poem down – but LOOSELY.

Beth’s favorite  Shakespeare’s Sonnet #130, because, as she says, “which I like to call 'you may be ugly but I love you anyway'”


There IS an iPhone APP that you buy and gets you all the shows and, soon, EXTRA content.(like andy’s suggestion that you read/see Hamlet BEFORE you see R&G are Dead). If you have a Droid/Palm/Blackberry – you can get the latest ep at Stitcher.

Oct 13, 2010 13

Today’s guests have “other” dorkdoms and we FINALLY get to it at the end of the show – but we mostly discussed how much we like standup comedy. Because what the three of us really are, are comedy dorks. So, it’s another great show about how much we love standup comedy. J 


Matt Knudsen and Jimmy Dore on movies, motivational speakers, the entertainment industry, stand up comedy and, eventually… politics (Jimmy Dore’s true dorkdom).


Jimmy Dore – links to his two podcasts, his facebook/twitter/comedy schedule and all of it on his website and Matt Knudsen has a new CD; “The Comedy Stylings of Matt Knudsen” is available on iTunes and Amazon.



1. Eric Stoltz was cast in Back to the Future

2. Seinfeld started in 1990

3. Pat McCurdy – Chicago musician -

4. I actually did want to be a Park Ranger in high school. I guess I’ve embarrassed myself with aspirations from childhood. I don’t even know how to camp.

5. Eric Douglas heckled in London

6. Bill Maher’s fiction about standup: True Story (I’m still not reading it)

7. Jimmy’s thrill of Matt’s regular gig at the Playboy Mansion

8. Del Close -


Sound note: I don't think the sound taped through the board, it came right out of the ZOOM. Live and learn. Also, I'm building character: Listening to my own podcast is ... a learning experience. I think that Chicago comics like Jimmy Dore bring my Wisconsin/Chicago accent back with a vengence.


It ends and then it doesn’t… much like leaving a party. Keeping with the immediacies of being in the room of a podcast: there is a lot of chewing going and my phone rang twice during the show and I weeded off for more coffee. It felt wrong to edit it out. So, feel free to email me if you’d like more of something. Take care out there, Jackie

Mike Ruekberg  did the intro and outro music (that Mexican Hat Dance just makes me happy to listen to, so I'm closing the show with it for now).

Patrick Brady, friend of comedy and TDF knows how to use audio software and fixed the audio. I'm hoping to learn how to do it myself, but he said he LIKES doing it. So thank you and FUN!

Oct 8, 2010 1

Paul F. Tompkins is a great stand up comic and actor and OBVIOUS accessory dork. As long as I've known him, he has always been a snappy dresser. I thought his wife was a "magic dork" but we will find out - because, Paul's wife, an actress and lovely human being herself, Janie Haddad (Tompkins for family purposes) has a love of the unknown perk. A perk you didn't know was there... hence her love of LA's Magic Castle and other restaurants and bars and venues that are little known gems out in the world. We talk of these things... and fashion. It's a good one - enjoy.

Mike Ruekberg  did the intro and outro music (that Mexican Hat Dance just makes me happy to listen to, so I'm closing the show with it for now).

Patrick Brady, friend of comedy and TDF knows how to use audio software and fixed the audio. I'm hoping to learn how to do it myself, but he said he LIKES doing it. So thank you and FUN!

Oct 7, 2010 5

Drew Droege and Shelagh Ratner (that's a link to her IMDB page as well, and I didn't ask her ONE DAMN question about doing video game voice work on Vice City. Not one. Here is her website.  Instead we talked about Halloween, acting, horror films, comedy and, weirdly, the NFL.

Gregory Mcdonald wrote Fletch (and Flynn - I've read them all ;)
Audition is a Japanese horror movie by Takashi Miike - came out last year. (corrected:thks Brian)
Michael Vick has had a terrible hobby.

Stand Up shows on the calendar page on there's a fancy iPhone app for TDF and if you have a Droid or Palm or something like that:  - they'll hook you up with the last episode.

Sep 18, 2010 4

The new theme song is by Mike Ruekberg . It is adorable, fun to sing and fantastic.

Laurie Kilmartin and Kathleen Madigan had the longest conversation, before this, at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach two weeks ago. They learned that they were Kennedy dorks. And here they are REALLY talking about the Kennedys. It was fascinating and quite perfect for TDF. They are also hilarious and you should see them do standup out there.

Notes on this show:

1. The picture on this show is of Rosemary Kennedy. This photo is mentioned on the show. I could not find a workable family tree image in the heartbeat I looked if you want to "play along."
2. John Winthrop and Anne Hutchinson are the Puritans that I refer to - not by name - that are the ancestors of John Kerry and George W. Bush.
3. Around minute 102:00 Laurie Kilmartin announces her new job!! First place to be announced! (except to loved ones I assume).
4. Right after that I run out of memory on my flash card. So... min 104:00 ish... smash cut to us wrapping it up. I will buy a larger one... and...
5. The show ends with me wandering in my mind about things and a reprise of Mexican Hat Dance by Mike Ruekberg by request.
Thanks for listening! Jackie

P.S. -

Stitcher has a free APP for you if you have a nice phone and want to listen to TDF on it...

Review the show on iTunes and maybe someone over there will care... I know I will :)

My websites are and and my standup calendar is on my show page.

Sep 15, 2010 5

Well - it's a brave new world. Audio… still working on levels.  Me… learning what I’m LIKE in podcasty “conversation.” Huh. Compared to these two I am the coarsest human on the planet. They are ADORABLE!


Johnny Pemberton loves JAZZ. Weird. Good to finally meet someone who had reasons. Margie Kment is from Iowa but knows a LOT about Broadway. We scratch the surface but I learn that I don't know what Le Mis is about and “Easy A” is the name of the teen sex romp that uses the Scarlet Letter.


It might be too soon to review the new format on iTunes... but I think even BAD reviews count. Also, not sure these notes should go HERE. You are loved. xo, jk

PS and a Correction: It's Ben Acker and Ben Blacker actually, my mind is obviously in Austin, TX in 1996. 


Sep 5, 2010 0

With Mike Ruekberg the Songwriter, Musician and meticulous man.He helped me (he claims that this is VERY rudimentary) set up the Dork Forest as a Pre-Recorded Podcast. And Jim Woster: stand up comic and founding member of a GREAT sketch comedy troupe called Oh, You and Your Bone Spurs.

Mike helped me with the taping and casually sung a couple songs. Because he’s a songwriter. He’s going to write a more standardized tune as intro and outro for the show. Because he's awesome.

I didn't clear the memory from the digital device used so it ENDS abruptly. Yeah. Work in progress Americans. And I (me) edited it. Not a lot. I liked the un-edited previous episodes - now the sound will just be better. That's the point of this. We can all hear better now. You're welcome. It will get better as we go, but I had a great time doing this. Thanks for listening.