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The Dork Forest is a show where I, Jackie Kashian, interview everyone and anyone about what they really really like. ie thier dorkdom. Started in 2006, the youtube page has clips (and full episodes). and will lead you to all the information you may ever need re this show and Jackie's standup.

May 7, 2013

Chris Gore @thatchrisgore on twitter, is a professional dork and has a podcast called PODCRASH. He crashed my podcast… will play a little of this one on his and symbiosis is born! He’s great, you’ll love him cuz he’s KNOWS things. Enjoy.

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JJ Abrams – holy high heaven, he’s everywhere – IMDB link.

Matt Weinhold’s review of Star Trek

Attack of the Show

Get Mortified

DVD ASA – Podcast

I can’t FIND the Anakin speeder in American Graffiti – I think he meant this wiki entry “The yellow airspeeder that Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi use to pursue the bounty hunter Zam Wesell is based on John Milner's yellow deuce coupe,[51] while Dex's Diner is reminiscent of Mel's Drive-In.”

Empire Building – Garry Jenkins

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