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The Dork Forest is a show where I, Jackie Kashian, interview everyone and anyone about what they really really like. ie thier dorkdom. Started in 2006, the youtube page has clips (and full episodes). and will lead you to all the information you may ever need re this show and Jackie's standup.

Jul 8, 2011

My guest is Aisha Tyler, a traditional dork that has grown into a person that looks like she’s always been cool. Actress, Comic and, soon, host of her own dorky podcast. I just wish we were talking faster.



Tolkien Professor

My Side of the Mountain

Chicken FAQ

Don’t need a rooster. I think it said something about the embryo and the fridge.

Aisha has been working! I’m just catching up with her career.

Kermit Apio

Planet of the Apes (1968)

Xbox… I said we have it, we don’t.

Xbox Kinect

Time Crises (we’re on 4)

Andretti Gaming – Roswell, GA

Harry Potter world in Florida

Game of Thrones

Law and Order UK

H2 Overdrive

Xbox – Raft Adventure

Cathy Ladman

The Master Cleanse

Starfire (best picture was Andy suggested)

Luna Bros. (she liked Girls, The Sword also awesome)

Earth 2 Comic Book Store

Top Ten – Alan Moore

Archer – show that Aisha is on. Hi.
Games of Berkley – it’s on Shattuck

Morning Glories


Origin book by DC


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