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The Dork Forest is a show where I, Jackie Kashian, interview everyone and anyone about what they really really like. ie thier dorkdom. Started in 2006, the youtube page has clips (and full episodes). and will lead you to all the information you may ever need re this show and Jackie's standup.

Nov 8, 2011

My guest is Ed Crasnick. He’s a comic, actor, writer, and producer. He’s a gift to showbiz, my living room and all of society. He’s fascinating and hes a good listener I guess. Cuz I talk a lot. It’s great showbiz stories and talk about happiness. I continue to tell the same three stories. He is a treat. Enjoy.  



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American Graffiti

Friar’s Club LA

Friar’s Club – for real

Anita Baker

White Man’s Burden

Erin Jackson

Armenian Cheese – I got nothing on the cheese of “my people”

Real Life

Acting Out

Moon Zappa

Jimmy Pardo

Asscat – UCB Show

The Green Room – Paul Provenza

Kevin Meaney on Johnny Carson – not that song, but another. Great clip.

Fred Raker – not

Jay Wendall Walker

This Week in Comedy – Humor Me with Ed Crasnick