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The Dork Forest is a show where I, Jackie Kashian, interview everyone and anyone about what they really really like. ie thier dorkdom. Started in 2006, the youtube page has clips (and full episodes). and will lead you to all the information you may ever need re this show and Jackie's standup.

Nov 19, 2013

This episode was LIVE Streamed through Dana Gould (@DanJGould), Matt Weinhold (@MattWeinhold) and Shawn Sheridan talked with me about scary movies that might be palatable to me. I was inspired to see Evil Dead 2 for the first time, RIGHT after this... and, they were right. They're hilarious, but - as with some live shows... I make audio choices that are hard for Patrick to fix. SO... it's worth the slight buzzing... because these guys know TOO much and LOVE these movies so much. It's great. enjoy. 

This month DO NOT DONATE to the show. INSTEAD, Find your LOCAL food bank and donate to THEM. if you're in the US. If you're overseas... google it. I believe in you.

If, however, you want to order something for the holidays to support the show... that can totally happen at (tshirt, CDs, Hoodies). And if you're ordering from Amazon, USE THE "Support the Show" Amazon Banner on No additional cost to you. I get a kickback. My regular website is, too, where my standup schedule is updated. is the podcast network TDF is a part of. They are also going to start producing original content and it's gonna be cool. So check that out!

Sci-Fi Classics:
Abbott and Costello, The Gathering, The Prestige, Pirates of the Caribbean, Evil Dead 2&3, American Werewolf in London, The Exocist, The Omen, The Human Centipede (2010) huh, Lizz Winstead, Rosemary's Baby, Halloween, Psycho, 1972 Nightstalker, The Thing

Mike Ruekberg composed and sings (with Sarah Cohen) the theme song.
Patrick Brady fixes the audio and compiles the Teaser clips at
Vilmos fixes my website and has his own podcasts, like THE GREEN ROOM